Adapting Mobile Devices to Private LTE/CBRS Networks

The potential for many new dedicated secure and private LTE/CBRS networks is on the rise. An important question is: how will commercially available mobile devices connect on these networks?

Three elements are needed for a private LTE network:

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Industrial Private LTE & Wi-Fi: Coexisting

Industrial LTE & Wifi

I often am asked to describe how Private LTE and Wi-Fi would coexist in an industrial company looking at adding Private LTE to its existing Wi-Fi infrastructure.   Since most Industrial Customers ask the question, I decided to summarize thoughts expressed in most of these meetings.   Below are my thoughts.    Let me know if you agree or disagree.

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Private LTE Q&A

How do you determine if you have a real, dedicated and secure private LTE enterprise network?

  • You have a Private LTE  IF your enterprise network has;
    • a) its unique & dedicated SIM cards profile and,
    • b) you control the enterprise LTE EPC CORE, the user access and traffic profiles.
  • You do NOT have a Private LTE if you share the SIM card profile with other clients from your service provider and do not have the control of your EPC Core.  at best in this case you have a semi-private LTE network.

Digital Underground Mine 2.0 The Digital Transformation enabled with a Private Industrial LTE foundation

Underground Infographic

Private underground LTE delivers full underground mobility for: voice, data, video, dispatch systems, HSE systems, drones and any other system or applications the new digital mine requires. Continue reading “Digital Underground Mine 2.0 The Digital Transformation enabled with a Private Industrial LTE foundation”

Mining: How big are these CAT 797F?

Cat 979F

It is the weekend and was talking to a friend of mine, that never had the chance to visit an Open Pit Mine where serious machinery is being used. He had no appreciation for the size of things in such environment.  Perhaps it is the same for you. So here are some numbers.  Many more numbers could be listed, but these will give you an appreciation if you have not had the exposure. If you had the exposure, well… it is still fun to look at!

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Mining – Open Pit – Reference Material

  • Pits & Quarries 

    This review will first define the difference between open pit mines and quarries. It will then cover the details on open pit mining methods, design aspects, and gives an example of an open pit mine. In the latter half, quarrying is covered with more focus on the sequence of mining in a quarry. Its characteristics, mining machinery involved, and publications are also mentioned. Finally, a few more topics are covered which include computer codes, laws, and codes of practice. Publications, organizations, and a list of companies supplying to the quarrying industry are also given.


Private Wireless Network Technology Toolkit. LTE is the latest shiny tool in the box!


You are responsible for delivering a fit-for-purpose, industrial/mission critical, wireless infrastructure to your internal customers.  This infrastructure will have to handle all their various current and foreseeable needs.  You need to deliver performance, flexibility, and efficiency for all your customers fixed, nomadic and mobility use cases.  Do you think you can do it with a single new technology?  What about the technologies you might already have in place and how to complement them with LTE Mobility.  Let’s look at real-life Private Industrial/Mission-Critical Networks, and what you need to build them.

In recent weeks I have been meeting with many organizations in different verticals and countries. There is a common discussion occurring, centered about what wireless infrastructure is best suited for each use case.  One client said it very well – “ Louis, I live in a small condo, and I am not very handy, but I would not be able to manage with a simple screwdriver.  I also need a hammer, a set of pliers and a few other tools in my bag.  So how can I possibly build a network with a single tool like LTE?”

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Private Industrial LTE VS Public Commercial LTE… Just like Industrial VS City Pickups!

As more and more companies are looking at Private LTE networks to help supplement their current existing broadband networks, let’s look at some of the justifications and differences.

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