Mining: How big are these CAT 797F?

Cat 979F

It is the weekend and was talking to a friend of mine, that never had the chance to visit an Open Pit Mine where serious machinery is being used. He had no appreciation for the size of things in such environment.  Perhaps it is the same for you. So here are some numbers.  Many more numbers could be listed, but these will give you an appreciation if you have not had the exposure. If you had the exposure, well… it is still fun to look at!

One of the popular ULTRA HAULER is the Cat 979F. This is a grown man/woman Tonka!!! I say woman as many of the drivers of such haulers are women. So, for those of you men that think ladies cannot drive, well, think again!

Yes, this is how Caterpillar categorizes it. ULTRA Class.

For those of you that have not been involved with Mining or have not walked next to, or seen one of them in action, have a look at these mind-blowing specs.

Price = $US 5.5M/each

HP = 4000

Gross Weight = 1.3 Million Lb.

Nominal Payload = 400 tons

Top speed = 42 MPH

Transmission = 7 Gear forward and 1 reverse

Break Diameter = 42in

Total Number of disk (front) = 20

Total Number of disk (back) = 30

Cooling System Fluid = 300 US Gal

Fuel tank = 1000US Gal

Tires = 59/80r63 (13 feet tall)

Tire Price = USD $42K (price for one tire if bought in quantities)

Now, something to really get you thinking.  How many shovel loads do you think it takes to load a full 400 tons of Oil sands in Alberta?   The answer is 3!!!   YES 1, 2, 3, and done!!

So, you thought the CAT 979F was big!  Just imagine the Shovel!!! see how big it is next to the CAT and how small is the pickup!


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