Selling, we all do it. However, some make it a Profession!


We are all selling something, every day.  However, not everyone is making a profession of it.  Let’s examine a few point, just for fun!

The child that wants to have lunch money, rather than take lunch bag at school; he/she is selling mom to have the cash VS the bag.   Why? Regardless of the reason, at this point and this time, it is very important for this child to convince mom.   There are a few approaches that child to try.   The compliments, the smiles, the begging, the temper tantrum.   What will work?   Since it is a child, some of these may work.  However, only one approach will work with a higher percentage.   If the child demonstrates to the mom that it will be a healthy lunch, based on a carefully planned and proportioned food including all important food groups.   You know where I am going here… it has to make sense to mom, and it has to be meeting mom’s approval.   In other words, it has to be good for the buyer, and it has to offer value.

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