Selling, we all do it. However, some make it a Profession!


We are all selling something, every day.  However, not everyone is making a profession of it.  Let’s examine a few point, just for fun!

The child that wants to have lunch money, rather than take lunch bag at school; he/she is selling mom to have the cash VS the bag.   Why? Regardless of the reason, at this point and this time, it is very important for this child to convince mom.   There are a few approaches that child to try.   The compliments, the smiles, the begging, the temper tantrum.   What will work?   Since it is a child, some of these may work.  However, only one approach will work with a higher percentage.   If the child demonstrates to the mom that it will be a healthy lunch, based on a carefully planned and proportioned food including all important food groups.   You know where I am going here… it has to make sense to mom, and it has to be meeting mom’s approval.   In other words, it has to be good for the buyer, and it has to offer value.

Let’s follow this child for a few minutes, after getting “the sale.”  He/she left the house and walked into the convenience store,  where they happen to sell bubble gum.  He/she has the lunch money.  Another sale will likely happen.😉  Here again, there is still value.   In this case, the buyer is the child and he /she really, really desires/values bubble gum.😉

Bottom line,  we are all selling.    Some made a conscientious decision to do it as a professional; some just became so by accident or evolution.   What kind of salesperson are you in your daily activities? Are you good?

Here is a simple way to measure how successful you are in sales?

  1. How often are you able to help people around you to reach a positive outcome that is good for them and you? (a sale)
  2. How often do you reach another positive outcome as above stated, with the same people? (repeat customer)
  3. How often do you see the same person mentioned above, asking you for advice (trusted advisor sales level)
  4. How often do you see the very same person consider you a strategic partner? (self-explanatory)
  5. Can, you make the above-described cycle happen multiple times with different people? (business development)

Not so complicated!  Selling is not scamming.  Sales, professionally done, is about helping people to solve challenges or desires they have,  with something you can offer; so both parties can genuinely shake a hand, exchange money for goods or services and feel happy about the transaction.

So, no wonder why salespeople, the professional ones, really like their jobs.  They help people and in return; built relationships, friendships, partnerships, and earn a living doing so.

Professional Sales is a very very satisfying job, career, passion, profession.

So, go! Have a good day!  Sell something!  Sell every day!  Sell all the time!    –   Regardless if you are doing for a living or just as part of life.  It is rewarding and satisfying, for all parties!  If done right, you will make a lot of people happy around you, and some of them will become long-term relationships and friends.

And remember, keep some of the lunch money and do not spend it all on bubble gum.!  😊

If you have not seen the movie and are interested, see here, but beware of the language!


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