Markham Sunrise!

The beauty of a peaceful sunrise!

The people of Ukraine had this too, but it was taken away from them, hidden behind the smoke of destruction. For a month now, they have dealt with invasion, war, bombs, fire, sirens, destruction, death, forced displacement.

We must stop the Ukraine invasion.
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5G Blog Series: Introduction – 4G VS 5G

In a world of information overflow and marketing hype, one must pause and put things in perspective, as it can easily be confusing. Not every 5G network is the same, and some deployments offer more or fewer features. This is true for the 5G world. It seems that everything is about 5G today, and it makes you feel as if you are missing out on life if you do not have 5G. Hype aside, 5G is available in a few different deployments categories and offers some extremely valuable features depending on the deployment categories and focus. This blog is part of a series covering different deployment categories, associated features, and how these features translate into capabilities for the network operator and subscriber to that network. We will also look at the types of network operators and subscribers. As the first blog of the series, I decided to start with a 4G vs. 5G introduction.

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Why is Private 5G better than Wi-Fi in Airports, Factories, Plants, or Warehouses?

I received that question several times, so I figured I would answer it with this short blog.

Why would an airport, factory, plants or warehouse IT manager change their Wi-Fi network

and install a Private 5G SA network?

Allow me to explain why 5G SA has created such a buzz and will be so big:

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CBRS for Private 4G/5G – Indoor & Outdoor!

If your organization plans a private indoor/outdoor wireless deployment in the U.S., make sure you consider the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) spectrum. Deloitte predicts that hundreds of thousands of companies in retail, healthcare, education, utilities, manufacturing, and transportation will deploy private 5G networks over the next ten years.

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Mining Networks: Looking into the Future

I recently was asked to talk about the future of mining from a network perspective.  Here is what I answered. Do you agree?  Do you have other thoughts?

The future looks bright for mining. Many commodities are on the rise, and new creative finance instruments are emerging so as joint ventures and social development contracts like what O&G does with Local NOC’s (National oil companies) and indigenous communities.   Mining is well-positioned against other industries in the quest for zero-emission. 

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Well Aligned Clouds

Lucky to have been out to witness this. So we parked on the side of the road to take the shot with old faithful Samsung S9+.

Unfortunately I could not identify any of the cloud computing engine with this picture, perhaps next time 🙂

Markhan Ontario. Hwy7 & East Beaver Creak auhust 29th 2020 about 1800h. (Samsung S9+)
Markhan Ontario. Hwy7 & East Beaver Creak auhust 29th 2020 about 1800h. (Samsung S9+)

Industry is going LTE

(Including an embedded article from IOT Entreprise Insight’s James Blackman)

The question about Industry going to LTE is not about why, but when.  The question of the day for industrial C-level, Business Unit Lead, and Investors is not about when to start going LTE, but choosing to start with a public LTE offering or jump-in and built its Private LTE infrastructures from the start, where it makes sense.  Industry needs to go LTE.

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Like many, you have likely been following CBRS, but have yet to dip your toes in the water.  You are wondering about the CBRS spectrum, how it works, and the different use cases for this new spectrum gift from the FCC.  You may also be confused by the different marketing messaging. 

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