Adapting Mobile Devices to Private LTE/CBRS Networks

The potential for many new dedicated secure and private LTE/CBRS networks is on the rise. An important question is: how will commercially available mobile devices connect on these networks?

Three elements are needed for a private LTE network:

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Telecoms Sends Mixed Signals on 5G Wireless

REPOST from a Morgan Stanley Article.

More mobile users, more connected devices and more applications are driving demand for more robust wireless networks. But the opportunities of 5G also come with challenges.

MS article
 As a technology, 5G wireless may become truly transformational, connecting an ever-growing roster of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, autonomous vehiclesaugmented reality, remote medicine and other transformative technologies.
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The business case for 5G fixed wireless access.

5G fixed wireless access business case

Alphabet subsidiary Google Fiber, part of one of the largest, most lucrative, well-funded, technologically advanced companies in human history, had grand plans for deploying fiber-to-the-home and offering consumers gigabit per second broadband as well as a television offering when it started in 2010. After an ambitious expansion plan gave way to very slow deployment and activations in early markets, the company scaled back and put a pause on new market entries to regroup.

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Global Harmonisation of 5G Spectrum.


I write this as a follow up from Huawei’s position paper released earlier this month.  I first saw this from a good article from Zenobia Hegde.    The presented classification of spectrum and approach is natural and logical since it follows laws of physics and technology capabilities.   Here are some comments supporting the position and how some vendors are positioned for industrial LTE.

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