CBRS- The famous five-minute question!

5 min to 7 days
The famous 5-min question!
What happens to my grant(s) after my CBSD’s (tower radio) lose connection with the SAS due to any issues, such as backhaul issues or if I had lighting hitting my tower equipment?   .

Quick Answer
Your Grant(s) will be suspended, but YOU WILL NOT LOSE YOUR GRANT(S). You will be in suspend state for up to 7 days! So… you have seven days to attend to your issues before possibly losing your grant(s).  you can also contact your SAS supplier and ask for time is you need to rebuilt your tower! (hopefully, you do not need to do so!)
Here is the full answer
Here are the main sections of interests:

Whenever any DPA, DPA, is activated on any given channel, ch (per channel definition as given in R2-SPU-01), a Managing SAS for any CBSDs under its management that are members of the DPA Move List MDPA,ch shall ensure that those CBSDs are not transmitting using any grant that has a frequency range that overlaps with the channel ch from a time starting no later than 300 seconds after the activation of the DPA until no earlier than the time when the DPA becomes deactivated.


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8.6 CBSD Heartbeat Procedure

This procedure describes how a CBSD performs the Heartbeat procedure with the SAS. The HeartbeatRequest object informs the SAS that the CBSD needs access to the allocated spectrum. It also allows the SAS to suspend or terminate the Grant. If the transmit expiration timer expires prior to reception of a HeartbeatResponse object, the CBSD shall discontinue transmission for the Grant within 60 seconds after the value of the transmitExpireTime parameter expires, in accordance with part 96.39(c)(2) (ref. [n.8]). If the Grant is suspended or terminated, the SAS has the option, within the HeartbeatResponse object, of suggesting that the CBSD request alternative spectrum based on the operationParam parameter in the HeartbeatResponse object. The CBSD Heartbeat procedure may be executed concurrently for each active Grant. An active Grant has a grantId and is not terminated, expired or relinquished. Additionally, the SAS to CBSD connectivity is not considered to be lost. When a Grant is terminated, expires or is relinquished, or the SAS to CBSD connectivity is considered to be lost, its grantId is revoked (i.e., is no longer usable).

SAS to CBSD connectivity is considered to be lost when during a seven-day period there is no successful Heartbeat procedure between the SAS and the CBSD.



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