Tyler Technologies and Samsung join forces to help public safety agencies with innovative solutions

First Respondent to have wrist interface, to new communications network, capabilities and applications.  For those of you like me that already have one of these devices, you can immediately see the significant value of this use case, and will have interest in this announcement.
Source:   Tizen Experts
Tyler Technologies, a public company laser-focused on security software for the public sector with more than 15,000 customers among local government offices and school districts, has announced to be working closely with Samsung Electronics America in the Samsung Alliance Program to provide integration between Samsung Gear S3 and Tyler’s New World Public Safety Solutions.
According to Tyler’s vice president of software strategy and development for New World Brian Leary, “This collaboration is a perfect fit for Tyler’s New World public safety solution as we aim to provide best-in-class software for first responders.” But there’s much more at stake, as we immediately discover. “The Samsung Gear S3 is just the start of the innovative plans we have with Samsung, and we look forward to providing additional benefits to our current and future clients.”
Speaking of plans, all we know for the moment is that the two companies are concentrating their efforts on helping public safety agencies with new, innovative, wearable smart devices applications. Much of what has been announced is about boosting the efficiency of safety officers by ensuring a seamless, continuous communication and feedback cycle within the public safety agency.
Also, Samsung Gear S3 will provide critical information to first-time responders on the field in a hands-free approach. Officers will be able to receive alerts on the go about important calls for service, and thanks to IM and the touch-sensitive display they will also be able to notify others and request assistance. Finally, officers will be able to join a call in progress and keep 911 up to date. As usual with Samsung, security is top-notch, hardware- and software-wise.

Also, there are plans to increase public safety efficiency with even more features – features that are yet to come, such as automated alerts or the possibility to provide the safety officer with info about the location, person, or vehicle they’ve come into contact with.

Such new tools come as a welcome addition to Tyler’s New World public safety solutions, which for now include mobile and field reporting, corrections, analytics, computer-aided dispatch (CAD), law enforcement records management, fire and EMS solutions. With Gear S3, safety officers won’t even need to hold their mobile phone on hand in order to speak with the rest of the team, nor they will have to rely on a Wi-Fi connection for critical info. At the end of the day, it’s a win-win for Samsung and Tyler Technologies but overall for all of us.

Samsung’s method is also interesting.

“Through the Samsung Alliance Program,” says Jan Ruderman, senior director, Public Safety, Samsung Electronics America, “we work with partners like Tyler Technologies to create new solutions that combine their transformative technologies with Samsung’s mobility expertise. In this instance, we’re bringing the power of untethered, LTE-enabled mobility with the Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch to public safety agencies, enabling them to modernize elements of their existing technology systems without a complete overhaul. It’s a prime example of the value we can bring not only in cost savings but also in deeper engagement and empowerment for the end user.”

(emphasis mine)

The South Korean company method, as we were saying, may well be an example of Industry 4.0, a booming field on the verge of embedded computing, AI, automation, and digital manufacturing. Thanks to IoT, wearables and smart devices are increasingly commonplace and new opportunities are sprouting like mushrooms. The very same way smartphones were the layer for the digital revolution, wearables and smart device may serve as the layer for this new wave. Traditional industries are entering the field, often introduced by some powerhouse in the aforementioned topics, and the same goes for the public sector – well, actually the public sector kickstarted the movement.

Samsung seems to be taking a similar path with Tyler Technologies, aiming for a complete redesign and modernization of public safety.


“Tyler’s collaboration with Samsung” declares Greg Sebastian, president of Tyler’s Public Safety Division, “highlights our commitment to providing those in public safety with leading technology that helps enhance the safety of first responders and the communities they’re proud to serve”.

Given Samsung’s focus on this, the impact of wearables in our future can only increase.


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